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Ala Carte Managed Services

Strategy Consulting

As your Business Partner, it is our goal to bring you the technology solutions that address your concerns for today; but more importantly, are aligned with your vision for tomorrow.

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Technology Business Strategies

Our years of experience working with a wide range of enterprises from large scale hotel operations and fortune 500 companies to catering establishments and construction companies; have enabled Advantage Technology Systems (ATS) to partner with senior management and owners alike to develop a technology plan that is properly aligned with the organizationís strategic plans, growth and profitability model for the future.

Providing consultation and direction for technological decisions that will support your growth model is a critical part of your organizationís annual planning session.

Without this valuable consultative service, you could make technology decisions that you may outgrow in as short as a year resulting in unnecessary cost, wasted time, and increased frustration that your technology infrastructure was unable to keep up with your growth and demand.

Network Strategy Solutions

ATS will perform a comprehensive network evaluation of your computer hardware, software and peripherals.

We will meet with you to gain an understanding of the challenges you are experiencing and the goals you have been unable to achieve due to the limitations of your present IT infrastructure.

We will then present you with a comprehensive plan that will resolve all problems and provide you with a reliable infrastructure that will not only satisfy the goals you have today but also those you may be planning for in the future.

Security Strategy Solutions

We will scan your entire infrastructure to identify security holes and discuss a plan to address all breaches in security and provide a strategy to assure going forward, your system remains protected and impenetrable.

  • Software vulnerabilities
    • Flaws in software leaving you vulnerable to cyber attacks
  • System Misconfigurations
    • Configuration Errors
  • Policy Violations
    • Operational security based on policies and processes
  • Physical Security
    • Accessibility to your Servers and key infrastructure components
  • Social Engineering vulnerabilities
    • Passwords, disclosure of proprietary information through personal emails
Risk Reduction Strategy Solutions

Every company has a different tolerance level for risk. We work to identify your risks, present options and outcomes for each, and present our recommendations. This allows you to have a very clear picture of the state of your systemís security and allows you to make informed decisions that best suits your companyís tolerance.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind and enhance protection of your information assets from internal and external threats.

Contingency Planning

Crashed servers, data loss and black outs. What is your current state of disaster recovery preparedness?

A contingency plan may be the most critical area of concern for an organization in todayís world and in most cases never implemented. As organizations continue to install higher levels of security, firewall, generated power and redundancy systems, they fail to test and monitor these systems. Organizations need to develop communication systems and plans for employees and key vendors for potential disasters. We all think it wonít happen to us, it is too time consuming or donít have enough access to information. ATS will work with you to uncover your vulnerabilities and deploy a solid defined plan to address these issues.

  • Evacuation planning for employeeís critical data, defining procedures and practices
  • Testing of backup systems, data, UPSís, redundant circuits and backbones
  • Testing security, creating failure checking media and backups for quality
  • Recording inventory, equipment and data management
  • Building true redundancy systems that are managed and monitored
  • Testing and managing generators and computer room cooling systems during emergency
  • Proper training, role playing and disaster simulation
  • Evaluating cost controls, what could be out-sourced creating savings and redundancy

More Information

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