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Managed Services

Poorly functioning IT systems affect your profitability, productivity and employee moral.

You could take the Break-Fix approach. But this only results in employee frustration, missed deadlines, increased costs and lower levels of client service.

By taking the Managed Services approach, you prevent high costs, by proactively identifying problems before they result in downtime while maintaining peak operation of your systems which keep your employees connected with information resulting in higher productivity.

Managed services also enables you to have a team of technical experts without the expense and overhead of salaries and benefits.

Managed Networking

Advantage Technology Systems (ATS) believe in taking a proactive approach to detecting and solving problems before they cause downtime. Our remote access allows us to connect to your network from our location and quickly and efficiently trouble shoot, diagnose and resolve your problems.

If you are looking for a way to maximize the support you receive while controlling costs, ATSís 24/7 Help Desk program is just what you need. 24/7 Help Desk will stabilize your technology infrastructure, provide you unlimited support, and monitor and maintain your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managed Security

Advantage Technology Systems (ATS) offers Managed Security to defend against unwanted intruders and identify, manage and reduce your risk.

Security Design

We perform an enterprise-wide assessment of your vulnerability, and design architecture and implementation solutions. We prepare a list of tasks, timelines, and budget amounts to take the appropriate corrective action. We prioritize your security resources so your budget is properly allocated.

Security Monitoring

ATS will ensure that your technology systems, internal and external staff resources, and processes are in place and functioning as desired. Industry standards are monitored for enhancements and scheduled updates and software patch management is performed regularly.

Security Audits

We review your administrative, physical, and technical controls and procedures to ensure protection of your information assets.

  • Asset classification and internal controls
  • Personnel security audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Physical & environmental security audit
  • System development and version control
  • Maintenance audits

Most firewall systems monitor traffic coming in from and going out to the Internet. With ATSís firewall protection, we configure special ďrulesĒ to block intruders from accessing your equipment. These same ďrulesĒ may also be configured to allow your organization to restrict certain employees from accessing the Internet.

Risk Management

Advantage Technology Systems (ATS) offer risk management services to give you peace of mind and enhance protection of your information assets.

Network and Security Assessments

ATS reviews your network infrastructure hardware, software, security settings and related procedures to reduce your risk and liability.

You will be presented a report of our findings as well as recommendations, costs, and a prioritized Action Plan.

Email Risk Management

E-mail is a critical business process. SPAM, viruses, spoofing, phishing and spyware can all severely impact productivity, profitability and the reliable operation of your systems. Protection is crucial.

ATSís 24/7 SPAM and Virus Filtering service will protect your company against attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one set monthly rate for an unlimited number of email accounts. Finally, an expense that will never grow as you grow.

Software Cataloging

ATS orders, installs and catalogs all operating system and application software CDs, with serial numbers and machines they were loaded on.

This organized procedure reduces exposure to risk of piracy and loss and safeguards your investment.

Should you ever be involved in a software audit, ATS will represent your organization further reducing your stress and concern.

Auxiliary Services

ATS offers a wide range of networking services from Network Design to Implementation, Maintenance and Support. Whether you want to install a new network, upgrade an existing network or outsource the responsibilities of managing a network, ATS is an ideal partner for your business. Our areas of expertise include:

Data & Voice Cabling

The performance of a network depends not only on the quality of its components, but also on the quality of the physical network installation. ATS installs only the best Category 5, Category 6 and Fiber Optic cabling and components. We use industry standard installation practices to ensure the most reliable and cost-effective data and voice cabling systems.

Whether you need one cable drop for your peer to peer network or planning to build a new office or addition, ATS will get the job done right, on-time and on budget.

Wireless Networks

Establishment of a wireless network will allow your employees to go wherever they are needed with the same secured access, whether retrieving e-mail or updating inventories from the warehouse. Wireless Networks will also reduce costs related to installation of physical cabling.

IT Project Management

Whether you are establishing a new phone system or obtaining a PDA program or creating a new website, ATS can manage your planning and design through to implementation and operational support, allowing your staff to focus on core business activities.

Telecommunications & Convergence

Our converged solutions will change your entire communications infrastructure and reduce your over all costs. The convergence between telecommunications and IT makes it possible for both your voice and data traffic to be carried through the same cable networks gaining you substantial savings.

Data Room Design

The design, location and logistics of a functional computer room are key to a healthy and stable system that can be easily maintained and expanded as your business grows. Whether you have 10 servers or 50, we will maximize space and dollars to ensure that every step is properly planned and executed.

Disaster Recovery

ATS prepares an organization with immediate response and subsequent recovery from short and long-term business interruptions.

Contract Negotiations

As your business partner we will always see that you get value out of every purchase. Solutions are carefully researched to uncover all options, and deals are negotiated to get you the best prices for the best products; ultimately saving you time and money.

Equipment Purchasing

Sure you can shop around at your local stores and online, but will you really be saving money? Your time is money; allow yourself and your staff to focus on core competencies and let us do all the leg work for you. ATSís purchasing power will ultimately save you time and money.

Mobile Messaging

Keeping in touch could mean the difference between making or losing a sale. All Mobile Messaging systems are not alike. ATSís guarantees reliability with their system and you will never have to sync your information. It will arrive at your PDA many times faster than it gets to your desktop.

Remote Connectivity

Mobility is no longer a barrier to productivity and efficiency but now provides a true competitive advantage. Accessing real-time data while offsite, traveling or working after hours, now allows a more flexible and efficient approach to managing your business. ATSís wireless connection provides you security and access to your information as if you were working from the office.

Relocation Services

Whether you are opening a new office or moving to a new location, allow ATSís team of experienced engineers to orchestrate a plan designed to minimize the impact to your business operations and enable your staff to return to pre-move efficiency.

Website Design

Our team is able to produce cost effective sites regardless of budget. Our ability to combine your custom requirements and branding into off-the-shelf solutions enables us to achieve your vision under in a reasonable amount of time.

Web Application Development

When you are in need of a custom web-application, database and user interface design, you want a staff that is not only qualified, but is able to understand and interpret your needs and develops a product that meets your goals and exceeds your expectations. Our staff is certified by Microsoft (MCP) to develop .NET application in C# and have a proven track record of successful projects built on the .NET platform with SQL Server database back end.

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