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Dinner is on us!

ATS Valued Client Referral Program

Your referral is the highest compliment for the services we provide.

Good business relationships are about helping each other succeed. We help you succeed by keeping your business systems running smoothly and efficiently so you can focus on managing your business.

As our client, we provide you with the highest level of service available. You receive fast response to your needs, exceptional value, and efficient, personalized service.

Now you can help your friends and colleagues succeed by ensuring they get the same superior personalized services that ATS provides.

Your friends and colleagues will quickly realize how youíve been able to relieve yourself from dealing with computer problems and focus on building your prosperous business.

Symptoms that your friends and colleagues need ATS:

  • They complain about downtime
  • Theyíre plagued with virus and spam problems
  • Their email connection is slow or always down
  • They are using antiquated or slow computers
  • They are not protecting their data
  • They feel overwhelmed and overloaded with computer problems
  • Systems crash and they lose information
  • Employees use modem connection
  • They have special projects that their in-house IT staff canít resolve
  • Their computer systems are holding them back from implementing initiatives and ideas that will ultimately move their business forward
How the ATS Valued Client Referral Program Works
  1. Recognize the symptoms that your colleague or friend is struggling with their technologuy
  2. Tell them what ATS has done for your company and give them our number: 808-255-6784 or 800-813-2798
  3. Email us or call us at 808-255-6784 with: 1.) Name(s) of your colleague or friend and 2.) Their phone number and email.  To ensure that your friends or colleagues receive the best possible service; referrals need to use our 24/7 Help Desk program and should have 10 or more PC workstations in their organization.
  4. We'll provide you with a gift card to Roy's Restaurant to thank you for the ultimate compliment in business - your referral and another valued client for ATS.

We firmly believe we can help any business run more efficiently, faster and smoother with ATS as their technology partner.

Our goal is simple: To provide superior and personalized service and support to you, your friends and your colleagues. Itís our mission to help you succeed through solid technology solutions that are cost effective, reliable and secure.

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